Airsoft News: Man Stabbed By 12-Year-Old is Recovering

WESTLAKE -- Westlake Police say a man stabbed in the chest Friday evening will spend about a week in the hospital but should make a full recovery.

As juvenile charges of felonious assault were filed against the unidentified 12-year-old accused of the attack, the victim was upgraded to stable condition at St. John WestShore Hospital.

"He's improving," said Westlake Police Lt. Ray Arcuri of the victim, who is 40 years old and whose name is not being released. "We're all encouraged."

The man was stabbed after he had chased down and detained the boy who had been firing an AirSoft pistol at other youngsters riding their bikes on a wooded trail near the intersection of Center Ridge Road and Dover Center.

He managed to make his way out of the woods and to the back door of the Rite Aid drugstore on that corner.

The victim was on his way to the Westlake High School Homecoming game with his son when he saw two boys firing the AirSoft guns and felt a couple pellets whiz by his head.

One of the boys ran away when the man approached, but the 12-year-old was stopped. This is how the victim, in his own 911 call to Westlake Police, described what happened.

"He's a young kid. He was shooting an AirSoft gun at the boys down here at the trail," the man said, in the 911 call. "I chased him. I took his gun away."

"He gave the wrong phone number three times, then he just reached in and grabbed a knife and stabbed me right in the heart," the victim said.

The man said he offered his cell phone to the 12-year-old and asked him to call his parents and tell them what he had been up to.

After the third unsuccessful call, the man says the boy suddenly turned on him.

"I'm bleeding pretty bad here, guys," the victim told the 911 dispatcher, who asked if he'd been stabbed in the chest area.

"Yeah, right in the chest," the victim replied.

"Did you see what kind of knife he had?" asked the dispatcher, to which the victim said, "No, he stuck it back in his pocket."

Police say that after the boy ran away, he threw the knife in the woods. Police took him and several searchers back to the area on Saturday but they were not able to find the weapon.

They did seize the boy's AirSoft gun and his bicycle. The second boy who had been with him was not held by police.

Lt. Arcuri says they have no motive for the stabbing.

"Crime is everywhere, violence is everywhere, but for a 12-year-old to go to this extreme measure is highly unusual," he told WKYC.

Arcuri said the two boys with the AirSoft guns may have been taking shots at other youngsters with whom they'd had a prior argument.

Arcuri said the boy, a seventh grader at Westlake Middle School, may have been carrying the knife for "protection."

Source: WKYC

Airsoft Gun Review: Tokyo Marui P90 Airsoft Gun

Tokyo Marui P90 Airsoft Gun

* Composite Construction
* Full-Metal Gearbox and Spring
* Integrated Red Dot Sight

* Electric Tokyo Marui AEG P90 Airsoft Rifle

* FPS: 325
* Magazine Capacity: 68
* Size: 504 mm

Not Included:
* Requires: Small Type 600mAh 8.4V battery (not included)
* Silencer is not included
* Size: 504 mm

Available in

There was a time when firearms were outlawed in certain countries, but this didn’t stop people from being curious about them. Rather than allowing people to get in trouble for just touching a weapon of this nature, there was a company that monopolized on it. One of these companies was Tokyo Marui with its line of Airsoft guns. These are weapons that resemble their real life counterparts in nearly every way and down to the finest detail, but rather than firing a deadly bullet they fire a non-lethal BB. Since the first Airsoft gun was made, they have risen in popularity, continuing today, being sold in many different countries by many different companies.

One of the most sought after Airsoft guns made by Tokyo Marui is the FN P90. This is a very powerful and slick looking rifle, which is not only easy to use, it is also ideal for both left and right handed individuals, seeing as the cocking handle can be found on both sides of the firearm. This is a weapon that was originally designed for personnel that could not ideally use long arms. Such people may be tank crews or vehicle drivers. If you think about it a tank crew can’t just pop out of the hatch holding an M-16.

Aside from it being powerful and accurate, it also looks great. Though it does have a cocking lever this is purely aesthetic; seeing how the P90 airsoft gun uses an 8.4v battery. Another feature that you will want to pay mind to is the rail on the side that is for mounting a light or laser sight. The light will be great if you are engaging in an Airsoft war of some sort under the cover of night and need to see your way through a dark forest. This could also of course draw others to you, so you need to be careful about what exactly you mount on your P90.

Users have reported that the Iron Sights work reasonably well and the BBs in the magazines don’t rattle when you walk around. Not only will you be able to shoot extremely accurately, people will have a hard time finding you so long as you employ other stealth tactics, and don’t rely on the silent nature of the weapon that you carry.

Now for the big question: How does it hold up? Well, as far as we can tell the P90 airsoft gun from Marui is extremely durable and you won’t have to worry about it falling apart any time soon. Naturally you shouldn’t take it apart unless you have to, but it’s a decent product nonetheless. You can enjoy several hours of Airsoft games for years to come without worrying about the state of your firearm.

Before you rush out and buy this however, you need to consider whether or not the P90 airsoft gun is in fact for you, since it not a cheap airsoft gun. There are some who would say that it is an uncomfortable gun to hold, and then there are those that would say it is perfect. I would recommend that you find someone who has one, or ask if you can try it out at a store before you commit to buying one. After all, you’re going to be stuck with this weapon for a while, might as well ensure that you like it!

Source: airsoftgunreview

Cheaper Airsoft Gun: CVB M14 Spring Gun Sniper Rifle M1 Grand Airsoft Tri-Rail Mount, FPS 390

This is another cheap and discounted airsoft gun from The cost is now only $39.99 from the previous price of $47.99.

Cheaper Airsoft Guns,Sniper Rifle M1,VB M14 Spring Airsoft Gun,Airsoft Guns

Design based off of the workhorse M1 Rifle. This is a very heavy duty gun, with excellent performance, at a low low price. Comes with Tactical Rail System on the top and front sides, for expanding with accessories. Fires at an amazing 400 FPS with .12g BB's and 300 FPS with .20g BB's. Clip holds 37 Rounds. Great quality.

* Full Size M14 Airsoft Replica Pellet Rifle
* Capacity: 37 Rounds
* FPS: 390
* Adjustable Hop Up
* Tri-Rail RIS (Rail Interface System) Integrated Front and Top Scope Rail

* Sniper Rifle
* BB Speed Loader
* Cleaning Rod
* Tri-Rail Mount

This is a spring gun, which means it's powered by a spring and must be cocked for each shot. It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained; it requires no gas or batteries to operate. Also, spring guns are the toughest, most durable of all AirSoft guns, because they're made with few breakable pieces. If you're looking for a fun, reliable firearm that'll look great and perform even better, you've come to the right place.

Wanna Join G and G Armament's "Show Yourself 2009" Airsoft Photo Contest?

Here the Terms and Conditions:

1. The contest period runs from August 1, 2009 to November 8, 2009 only.

2. The contestant must use any of the G and G, Combat Machine, or Top Tech branded AEGs to enter, use of any other AEG brands is highly prohibited. The evaluation and selection of the photo is based on the characteristics of the photo, the interaction between the AEG owner and the AEG, and the interaction between the owner, the AEG and the event background.

3. Initial selection of the photos is by G and G’s marketing department. The chosen photos will be published on our website for G and G’s loyal customers from worldwide to vote as the final decision for the selected winners. The photos been voted the most would win the contest. Major prizes go to Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners. There is only one winner to each major prize. To broaden our photo resources for catalogues design, G and G will also select a limited number of the non-winning photos with a minor prize given to the selected contestants.

Application form download

Voting period: November 09, 2009 12:00 -
November 16, 2009 12:00 (GMT+8 Taipei Time)

4. File format: JPG,TIFF file Size - Above 3,047 X 2,150 Pixel

5. Please send your photos to

6. The application form must be completed in full and delivered with the photos.

7. Result announcement date: November 30, 2009.

8. Prizes:

Gold medal prize: The winner can choose any of the AEGs from Top Tech, G and G or Combat Machine brands, in total of 3 AEGs.

Silver medal prize: The winner can choose any two of the AEGs from Top Tech,
G and G or Combat Machine brands, in total of 2 AEGs.

Bronze medal: The winner can choose any one of the AEGs from Top Tech,
G and G or Combat Machine brands, , in total of 1 AEG.

Limited number of other selected winners: one GR16 Carbine Blowback Plastic

9. Prize Delivery period: 2009/12/21~2010/01/29 The selected winners will be notified by email, and announced on

10. It is the winning candidates’ own responsibility to comply with the local regulations and laws regarding to Airsoft guns, Guay Guay Trading Co., Ltd. will not be held responsible in any events once the delivery is made.


For more details click HERE.

Airsoft News: Students Suspended For Bringing Airsoft Guns Onto School Grounds

This appeared in FOX Mankato News and KEYS last September 22, 2009 at 6:53pm

Two Janesville- Waldorf- Pemberton high school students are suspended and may face expulsion after bringing Airsoft guns on to school grounds and shooting at other students.The Janesville Police were called Monday morning, after someone reported the students standing in front of the school pointing a rifle at passers- by.

Police Chief David Ulmen says it was a scary moment when police recovered the gun because it is a close replica to the assault rifle he carries on duty.David Ulmen says It's the idea of bringing something like this to school, taking it out of the car, and shooting these Airsoft pellets at other people.

We have to treat these calls as serious, genuine calls."No one was hurt in the incident and no charges have been filed yet pending an investigation. Tonight on the FOX Mankato News at Nine and on News 12 at 10, we'll hear more from Chief Ulmen on why these students are fortunate they weren't hurt in the incident.

Airsoft News: Man Shot with "Airsoft" Gun, Robbed in San Gabriel

This is the sad thing about using airsoft gun... there are some who violates and using it for their evil cause... the next time you encounter them (i hope not), please try to ask, "Is it real or an airsoft?" kidding.... Just take good care.

SAN GABRIEL (By Brian Day, Staff Writer (Posted: 09/23/2009 05:07:30 PM PDT)

A robber shot a man in the face with what police believe was an "airsoft" gun and stole his wallet Wednesday, authorities said.

The crime occurred about 2 p.m. in the 1700 block of Strathmore Avenue, San Gabriel police Lt. Dan Russo said.

The victim, an Asian man in his 30s, was approached by robber armed with an "airsoft"-style gun, the lieutenant said, which is a replica gun shooting 6mm plastic BB's.

They typically shoot their plastic projectiles at several hundred feet per second.

The man appeared to suffer a small laceration and a welt to his face, Russo said.

He was taken to an area hospital for examination.

The robber was described as a white man in hiss 20s, of thin build, with short hair, Russo said.

No car was seen in connection with the robbery, he added.

Airsoft Philippines News: 1st ACES Charity Airsoft Fellowship Games

I read this from mindanaotimes , congrats to TEAM AWOL DAVAO...

WIKIPEDIA, the free online encyclopedia says, “SPORTSMANSHIP is conformance to the rules, spirit, and etiquette of sport. More grandly, it may be considered the ethos of sport. It is interesting that the motivation for sport is often an elusive element. Sportsmanship expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. Being a good sport involves being a good winner as well as being a good loser.”

In the airsoft world, a sportsmanship award is one of the highest honors a team could reap from a tournament. TEAM AWOL DAVAO, for the 4th time, got another sportsmanship award last September 13, 2009, during the 1st ACES-CIDG Davao Charity Airsoft Fellowship Games held at the ACES game site at Diversion Road, Ma-a, Davao City.

Supported by PAGCOR Davao, Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, Businessman Bebot Uy, Honorable Edgar Ibuyan Sr., Asian United Bank, Tanduay Distillers - Philippines, Quatro Tactical Source, and Mr. Dado Delicano, the tournament was for the benefit of the LINGAP Foundation and the KADAUPAN Ministry of Love.

Team APD-STACT emerged as Champion, Team AWOL Davao as 1st runner up and Team ASG Davao as 2nd runner up. Kudos to J. E. Siao for the pictures.

Airsoft News: Simi Considers Allowing Indoor Paint-ball and Airsoft Games

By Michele Willer-Allred Originally published 10:08 a.m., September 22, 2009

The Simi Valley City Council on Monday directed staff to look into amending the city’s municipal code to make it legal for airsoft, paint ball, and other games using firearms to be played indoors.

Under current city code, firearms are only allowed for target practice at indoor shooting ranges. No firearms can be used outdoors.

Airsoft and paint-ball guns are defined in the code as firearms because the guns use air, gas, spring-action or an electronically powered gearbox mechanism to drive a projectile.

In airsoft and paint-ball games, players use nonlethal guns to shoot plastic pellets or plastic paint balls at opponents. Since airsoft and paintball involves shooting at other players, it is not allowed under current city code.

City officials said airsoft and paint-ball guns were not envisioned when the city’s regulations for firearms were established in 1981. They have since become a popular entertainment activity at facilities in the city.

The amendments to the code would allow airsoft and paint-ball gaming indoors with a conditional use permit.

Douglas Mitchell of True Edge, which sells airsoft guns and products in the Conejo Valley, said he is in favor of requiring airsoft and paint-ball gaming indoors because it offers a safer, more controlled environment.

Councilman Glen Becerra said he had concerns with amending the code because children would be banned from playing outside with toys such as Nerf dart guns, even if they have adult supervision. City staff will be exploring options regarding outdoor use of these toys.

City staff is also looking into easing the permit application process so organizations can have bow and arrow target range shooting without seeking council approval.

JWP Students Suspended For Bringing Airsoft Guns to School Grounds

Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009 5:22 pm By DREW AMO Staff Writer (

JANESVILLE — Two Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton High School students have been suspended after an incident outside the school building Monday morning.

At 8:15 a.m., Janesville Police responded to a report of two school-aged males pointing a rifle at people passing by.

According to Police Chief David Ulmen, using the information from that call, police identified the two males and recovered an Airsoft rifle that resembled an AR15 (sample image below).

Aisoft Guns AR15

An Airsoft gun is a highly detailed firearm replica made for recreational use and made to fire plastic pellets.

Ulmen said no charges have been filed yet, but added that the case has been sent to the County Attorney’s Office for review for any possible criminal charges.

Superintendent Dick Orcutt said the district has a set of fairly strict guild lines it has to follow in cases like this.

Orcutt added that the students will remain suspended until a full determination on any additional punishment is made.

6 Steps on How to Make Your Airsoft Gun Shoot Faster, Farther, And Harder

I found this nice and interesting... from

Want to give yourself an advantage while playing airsoft? Well why pay for expensive upgrades or a better gun when you can take these simple steps. Just follow these instructions.

Step 1: The most important thing in airsoft is accuracy. It doesn't matter if you're shooting long and hard if you don't hit what you're aiming at. So first you'll want to buy some decent BBs. You probably paid a lot for your airsoft gun so spend the extra $2 on high polished, seamless BBs. Most automatics require high polished ones anyway otherwise they run a high risk of jamming. If they're seamless they're perfectly round with no holes or seams or anything. Being Seamless and high polished will make them not rub on your barrel as much on the way out which causes them to fly crooked and curve incorrectly. But WAY more important is that the BBs are balanced evenly on the inside. Ones that are either filled or stamped together with a seam are off balance and that can cut your accurate range in half! The high polished BBs instead of regular seamless ones just have smoother edges that will make it slide through your barrel faster with less friction to slow them down. Also as long as your gun shoots at about 240 FPS or faster, use .20 gram BBs unless otherwise specified in the manual or on the box. .12s curve too quickly in the air with very little wind.

Step 2: Now that you're firing ammo that's actually good, you may need to adjust the hop up. Usually it's adjusted well from the factory but it's worth playing with. Basically just find some cardboard or styrofoam or whatever and draw a tiny black dot on it about 1/4 inch wide. Then stand about 50 feet from it with your gun. If it's a pistol maybe move a little closer and some high powered rifles may need to fire from farther away. Put the gun in single shot mode if it's an automatic and aim directly at the dot you drew and fire a shot then wait and fire again until you've shot like 3-5 shots. Make sure you re-aim it perfectly in between shots, especially if the gun kicks back.

Step 3: If all your shots missed the dot in 3 different directions then it's likely your airsoft gun just isn’t very accurate or you’re still using low quality, unbalanced BBs. If you were away from the black dot but in the same direction like all three shots made holes above the black dot, you were either aiming incorrectly or you'll need to adjust the hop up one way or another. The best way to tell which is the case is to try to watch the BBs while they're flying on the way to the target. If they go straight, you're good. If they curve as they fly, that's what's causing the inconsistency. If you can't tell, make sure your scope or other aiming device isn’t crooked though and that you’re not making any aiming mistakes. If you know it’s the gun's hop up causing the problem though, most have a slider for hop up adjustment so just pick a direction and redo the test and if it gets closer to the dot, keep moving it until you hit right around the dot without a lot of the BBs curving way off path.

Step 4: An alternate way of adjusting your airsoft gun's hop up is to purchase some .20 gram, high polish, seamless, glow in the dark BBs. Don't get the .12's, they don't hold enough light for long enough. First wait until it’s dark outside then head to a wide open space like a field. If you have an open magazine that exposes the spring and the BBs, take out the magazine and shine a bright flashlight as close as possible up and down the row of BBs to glow them up then quickly load the magazine back into the gun and fire them level with the ground as if you were aiming at a person. Watch the glowing BBs carefully to see about how far they go before they curve and fly in a completely different direction. Adjust the hop up lower and lower until the BB starts to drop down instead of curving off in a crazy direction. If you can’t get your gun to do that, as not all will be capable of it, just adjust it until it curves as far out as possible. One of my airsoft pistols straight from the factory only got about 30 feet before curving at a severe angle. I could almost fire around a corner with the thing it was so sharp. But after adjusting it, it remained straight out to a little over 60 feet. Also, if you switch the weight of your ammo from .20g to .25g for instance, you’ll definitely have to re-adjust your hop up.

Step 5: So now that your airsoft gun is properly adjusted and firing good BBs for optimum accuracy and speed, you should probably take the one extra step and get some silicone airsoft gun lube. You just spray it down the barrel and it lubricates it with a thin layer of silicone so that passing BBs have way less friction. Technically you should do this before adjusting your hop up but it shouldn't affect it too much. Plastic sliding against not very well polished metal is a friction nightmare so you can seriously add around 30+ FPS to an airsoft gun by lubing the barrel. Do use airsoft gun lubricant, not just any hardware store silicone lubricant because it might have additives that will damage many of the internal parts. They almost all contain propane distillates that will dissolve plastic and turn it white and you don't want that happening to your gun. Once you've done this, the BBs will come out straighter and much faster because they cruised past any microscopic bumps on the inside of the barrel. One coating should last hours but do reapply it if your guns have been sitting for weeks since the last time you applied it.

Step 6: And finally, you can upgrade springs but this is risky and not always very effective. On all airsoft guns with springs, it can wear out the parts like the air chamber where the piston moves because it’s not used to a higher pressure. On manual spring guns, it can wear out other parts like the slide because of the higher force required to pull it back. On automatics it can cause a lower rate of fire and will definitely wear out the motor faster because it has to work harder to pull back the spring. In some cases the whole thing won’t be able to function with the new, harder to pull back spring. Usually companies put the highest powered spring they can in for the motor's power rating to get the highest FPS without overloading the motor so any thicker, tougher springs may break the motor. Also just taking apart some airsoft guns risks breaking certain parts of them. So in general, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading the springs unless you’re a real risk taker.

Airsoft Gun History

The history of "airsoft" originated in Japan during the mid-1970s, mainly because it was illegal to own firearms by private individuals. The first airsoft guns available were spring-powered replicas of firearms that fired 6mm, plastic pellets or BBs. The gun then spread to China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines and became very popular chiefly because of firearm restrictions in these countries.

The first airsoft guns were those air driven pellet guns, cap-type guns and spring driven pellet guns. The early Japanese air driven pellet guns were based on semi-automatic pistols. They were spring powered. The plastic pellet was propelled by air when the spring piston was released. In the cap-type guns, powerful an explosive cap was used to make the sound of gunfire and to eject the spent cartridge. In spring driven pellet guns, a spring was used to propel the pellet held between two small locks and released when the gun was fired.

Mattel, the famous American toy company had already marketed a product called “Shootin Shells” way back in the 1950s. These guns were identical to the spring driven pellet guns and had Stik-M-Caps that explode to emulate the sound of gunfire. In the 1980s, Daisy BB Gun Company manufactured spring gun models called Replisoft and Soft Air shot at each other by opposing players.

The popularity of airsoft guns in the United States and Europe began in the mid-1990s. There is continued growing interest in the west. In 2003, Daisy started manufacturing and marketing airsoft guns once again in the United States. “Powerstrike” is the brand name used by the company. Other manufacturers are following in Daisy’s footsteps and a host of different models have entered the United States airsoft gun market.

Airsoft Gun Review: Jing Gong HK 416 V.2

This release from Jing Gong (aka Golden Bow, JG) is modeled after the Heckler and Koch HK416)

Basically, this HK416 is an improvement over the famous American M4/M16 by using a proprietary gas system derived from the HK G36, replacing the direct impingement gas system used by the standard M4/M16. This result is more reliable and less maintenance by the deduction in heat and fouling of the volt and also creating less stress for important components. It was initially made as a drop in kit for existing AR based weapons, though eventually HK made it a standalone. It has a free float for end equipped all four sides with MIL-STD Picatinny rails. It uses HK based front and rear sights, is compatible with STANAG M4/M16 based magazines, as well as most parts made for the AR variants.

First Impressions

The box is a nice box with the picture of the gun and the crest thing that says “Golden Eagle”. The gun was pretty hefty. The front rails are metal and the body/stock is plastic. Upon taking it out of the box, I noticed the rails were loose, which was fixed with a little tape between the bolts that holds it in the fore grip. The gun is pretty front heavy although adding the battery helps the balance. It is mostly made of plastic, but metal parts are abundant. Little pieces of Styrofoam were sticking a bit on the rails from the packaging but it is easily taking off.

External Build

The body is black, but the first edition model with the incorrect angled magwell is in a grey finish. I believe the first runs of even Echo 1 “614”’s will be grey as well. There are seam line between the body it isn’t too noticeable. The paint is also easily chipped off in the metal areas but it is easily taken off.

Metal Parts

Entire fore grip, rails, bolt cover, dust cover, charging handle, front and rear sights, flash hider, bolt release (which the manual says it supposedly holds back and releases the fake bolt cover but it doesn’t ) mag release, front and rear sling mouths, lower trigger guard and trigger.

The HK style grips fits around my hands pretty good, and even better with gloves. My middle finger starts to hurt after awhile and I wish it was made of rubber because the grip is a bit too wide towards the trigger. The bottom plate is heat sink type, with a motor adjustment screw in the middle and two Philips head screw for removal for the plate to access the motor.

The Stock feels cheap and hollow which it is for the space for the batteries. It does not wobble, at least. I suggest purchasing a better quality stock. Why? The batteries are super tight fit, but taking off the plastic piece of the upper part of the stock well help to alleviate the problem. The end piece (battery cover) snaps in to place in two points and it can be pop out of place if hit the wrong way. I may need to mod it or tape it to get stick better. Recently, the butt pad, which is the battery cover has two tabs that clip on the stock, has already broken so the butt pad has to be taped on. An aftermarket stock is a must because of the extremely tight space for the battery and the cheap battery cover/butt pad, which the attachment tabs, break easily.

The Sights are both metal HK style diopter sight adjustable to four points in the rear for target engagement from different size holes. They are made out of metal and the rear is removed with an Allen key. The front sight is fold down by a button you push up and not adjustable. The rear sight is adjustable for windage only.

Performance Characteristics:

After inserting the battery to the stock (which I would recommend you mod it like I did) and inserting a loaded and winded mag, you’re good to go. Don’t forget eye protection. The range and power is amazing. It easily hit 150 feet and a human target at that. The gearbox is a tad hit loud, but proper shimming is a must since the stress on this gun is hi due to the spring.

The gun report is LOUD. It shoots with defeating crack and the report will give away position. Dry firing it by your ear is not recommended because like I said it is loud.

FPS: Doing the poor man’s chrono, 1.5 inch away, it shreds through both sides of the can and punches a through the bottom middle of the can.

The FPS when chronographer is on average is 410 FPS. It ranged from low 400’s to 418 FPS.

The ROF is decent for the powerful spring, but it isn’t high at all. A 9.6v battery with a proper crane stock will help it immensely.

The internals are a Version 2 type. It is accessed by taking pins down and doing the usual TM style disassembly procedure for M16/ M4 type guns. From what I hear it is a Systema cloned gearbox. Removing the rear pin reveals the top half of the gear box. It is painted Black. I was really impressed and I think JG has outdone them this time. The majority of the high price of this gun is because of the upgraded internals of the gearbox not found on the most medium priced guns.



Fantastic Exterior

Nice amount of metal gear

Pretty detailed

Already upgraded gearbox

High FPS

Decent ROF


Wobbly front assembly (easily fixed) paint chips on metal easily Magazine slight wobble, but my A&K mags fit nice and snug. The price ($170-ish compared to other JG M4’s which are $120-ish) Stock is a slight fit on the batteries and low quality, with the battery cover tabs easily breaking off.

(Reviewed by MGS_FOX, USA – Airsoft Xtreme Magazine)

Airsoft Philippines Event: First Calacatchara Festival National Airsoft Speedball Competition

Airsoft Philippines Event,Airsoft Guns
Organized By: BRENWIN Co.
In Cooperation With: TEAM TALAHIB (TActical Legion of Airsoft HIgh Brigade) and TEAM TRIAD

October 17-18, 2009
10 Man Team Speedball Airsoft Competition
450fps Limit @ .20g BBs
Registration Fee P5,000.00/ Team

Champion: P30,000.00 + Team Trophy + Individual Medal
1st: P20,000.00 + Team Trophy
2nd: P10,000.00 + Team Trophy
3rd: P5,000.00 + Team Trophy
Other team: Certificate of Participation

Special Awards
Best In Uniform
Friendly Team
Fastest Team (Goal)
Best in Maneuver
Most Discipline Team

LOCATION: BIPC Compound Lumbang Kalsada Calaca, Batangas

Speedball Rules and Regulations
• No chrono, No play!
• 450 FPS limit @ 0.20g
• Hardheads & trash talkers will be penalized
• Real guns & bladed weapons are not allowed inside the playing area
• Players must wear proper protective gear before playing
• No hit calling amongst players
• Marshal’s decision is final
• No coaching amongst hit players
*** other rules and regulation will be discuss on the TEAM LEADERS Meeting ***

Point System
• Player Hit : 5 points
• Capture Flag : 20 points
• Goal finished : 30 points
** Total 100 points **
*** Violation Point Deduction will be discuss on the TEAM LEADERS Meeting ***

For Inquiries Please Call/Text:
0907.200.5500 - Gary (Brenwin Co.)
0919.405.7021 - Matador
0916.212.5031 - Supercop
0916.340.1790 - Kalembong of Team TALAHIB


Green Gas Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Guns

Gas airsoft guns also known as green gas airsoft guns offer the realistic feel and firing action of a real gun. These airsoft pistols and rifles will make your friends and competition jealous. Green gas airsoft guns require green gas. Squeeze that trigger and see the airsoft BB's fire out of the barrel. Blowback airsoft guns require zero pumping, just point and shoot. Or spray away to your heart’s delight. If you demand the realistic airsoft guns replicas, this airsoft gun will satisfy your wants and needs.

Sample: Green Gas KWA G26 Blowback Subcompact Airsoft Pistol Fires 350 FPS

Green Gas Airsoft Guns

This G26 blowback airsoft pistol is simply amazing. If you have ever fired the real 9mm polymer weapon from Austria or have the desire, then this airsoft pistol is for you. Blowback airsoft guns offer the realistic feel of the slide moving back and forth like the real gun. Blowback airsoft pistols and rifles will leave the competition jealous with envy. Shoot at an awesome 350 FPS so you'll have no problem hitting targets from a fair distance away. This is the subcompact design, which has a shorter barrel for easier concealment and portability. Blowback airsoft guns require green gas or CO2. Squeeze that trigger and see the airsoft BB's fire out of the barrel. Blowback airsoft guns require zero pumping, just point and shoot. Or spray away to your heart’s delight. If you demand the realistic airsoft guns replicas, this blowback airsoft gun will satisfy your wants and needs.


  • Semi Auto
  • KWA Replica Quality
  • Lightweight Design
  • Subcompact Design


  • Green Gas Airsoft Pistol
  • 100 BBs
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Gun Oil


  • FPS: 350
  • Magazine Capacity: 18

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Airsoft News: Teen cited for shooting at younger boys with Airsoft gun

This was posted on September 10, 2009, 11:48 pm, MADISON (WKOW) from this website.
Madison Police arrested a 16-year-old boy Saturday night for allegedly shooting two younger boys with an Airsoft gun.

One of the victims, a 13-year-old, told the officer the teen shot him in the arm and hand at close range. The second victim, an 11-year-old, says he was shot in the face from about 15-feet away.

Both told officers they did not provoke the suspect and weren't sure they it happened. Police tracked down the teen and arrested him for two counts of Battery.

Just play with the rule. For safety, you can follow this safety instruction from

Airsoft Gun Press Release: The New Jing Gong M4 S.System

Airsoft ABS body,Airsoft Press Release,Airsoft Guns,Full Metal M4,Jing Gong (JG),M4 S.System

City of Industry, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2009 -- has just released the new M4 S.System by Jing Gong. This new version of the M4 S.System comes in two different body types, the full metal body (upper and lower reciever) and the ABS body. These two models include full internal upgrades and new cosmetic designs.

JG's M4 S.System's internal upgrades include a reinforced precision gearbox to increase the life expectancy of the gear box. This model also has new gear and barring support to reduce the chances of stipping gears and damaging the gear box. Also, a high torque motor has been added to improve firing rate. The metal spring guide in combination with the M120 grade spring improves the velocity of these new JGs past a competetive level. The inner barrel has also been upgraded to a tight bore inner barrel to improve accuracy. The combination of all these upgrades makes the JG M4 S.System the ideal airsoft rifle to put a Li-Poly (Lithium Polymer Battery). This airsoft rifle is the perfect choice for competitive and leisure play.

Airsoft Gun The Jing Gong Full Metal M4 S.System05

The Jing Gong ABS M4 S.System comes standard with metal rail system and removable iron sights. The airsoft rifle has a tactical retractable stock and advanced hop-up technology to improve gameplay and performance. This M4 S.System package comes standard with a 300 round high capacity magazine. A standard 8.4v battery fits into the front hand grip; This differs from other airsoft rifles that store the battery in the stock. is having a sale on this item right now! The regular MSRP is $270 but Import-Action's sale price is $155. This is a great airsoft rifle on sale, you save over $100.

M4 S.System,M4 S.System

The Jing Gong Full Metal M4 S.System comes standard with metal rail system and removable iron sights. The airsoft rifle has a tactical retractable stock and advanced hop-up technology to improve gameplay and performance.

Airsoft Gun The Jing Gong Full Metal M4 S.System03

This M4 S.System package comes standard with a 300 round high capacity magazine. A standard 9.6v butterfly battery fits into the front hand grip. The redesigned front and grip allows different size batteries to fit easily, and more comfort for your hand. This particular item is on a sale at right now! The regular MSRP is $299 but Import-Action's sale price is $235. This is a great airsoft rifle on sale, you save over $60.

Airsoft Gun The Jing Gong Full Metal M4 S.System04

The new Jing Gong M4 S.System is now offered at The new released versions include the full metal (upper and lower reciever) and ABS body JG M4 S.System. For all your airsoft needs, visit

See the original story at:

Airsoft News; Airsoft Gun Confiscated at Odessa School 9/9/09


After dismissal from school on Wednesday afternoon, Goliad Elementary assistant principal Larisa Halbert was told by a student that a 5th grade boy had a gun in his backpack. Ms. Halbert located the boy, confiscated the backpack, and found an Airsoft gun. Airsoft guns shoot small plastic pellets and are extremely popular with kids right now.

ECISD police officers talked with the boy and do not believe he intended to hurt anyone. The boy will be disciplined in accordance with the ECISD Student Code of Conduct. Because Airsoft guns are not considered weapons, there will be no criminal charges related to the incident.

Philippine Airsoft Event: The First Airsoft Sniper Shootout Challenge

airsoft events,airsoft philippines,airsoft sniper

Politicians with totalitarian tendencies want to ban guns, Airsoft gun lovers are also affected

“An insecure government is afraid of an armed citizenry.”

With this as their battle cry, thousands of licensed gun owners are organizing big protest rallies nationwide to express their opposition to the government’s antigun policies and proposed measures that they described as threats to their rights to defend themselves and their families.

Several progun groups are also wondering why the government is rushing antigun measures, citing, among others, the establishment of gun-free zones, the ban on the tucking of gun (inside waistband-outside waistband); the proposed total gun ban during elections; the proposal to pass a law that will make illegal possession of firearm a nonbailable offense; and, the latest, a proposed bill in the House of Representatives, to further limit ownership and use of weapons by peaceful and responsible citizens.

The gun-free zones was reportedly proposed by the antigun group International Action Network on Small Arms, which is very active in lobbying for antigun measures not only in the country but worldwide.

The group is said to be well-funded and well-connected, internationally, the reason government officials are giving in to the group’s pressure.

Airsoft groups have vowed to join the protest as they themselves are affected by antigun policies.

As a prelude to the big rally, Internet forums and social-networking sites were flooded by opposition to these antigun policies and threatened to fight them tooth and nail.
House Bill 6658, authored by Lakas Rep. Pedro Romualdo of Camiguin, seeks stricter gun control that included airsoft guns.

As embodied in the bill, all airsoft guns, and all gas- and spring-operated pistols and rifles will now be classified as real firearms.

Also, the bill provides that if a person is with a group of people when caught with an unlicensed firearm or parts of a gun, with or without the knowledge of his companions, the group will be presumed to be in illegal possession of firearms, and shall be all be charged accordingly.

Penalties were also increased in the proposed bill, such as life imprisonment for illegal possession or manufacture of firearms or light weapons, six to 18 years for illegal possession of ammunition, including blanks, as well as noxious liquid and gas dispensers.
Illegal possession of firearms shall now be considered as a separate and distinct penalty if any other crime is committed in the same act. Thus, a person can be charged twice for the same act and be slapped with two penalties.

“Light weapons” are now defined and prohibited, which include any weapon capable of holding a “drum” magazine, which would include practically all semiautomatic rifles, including rimfire caliber .22s.

During a public hearing of the House Committee on Public Order and Safety, members of the Peaceful and Responsible Owners of Guns (ProGUN) and other stakeholders in the firearm industry were invited to give their views on HB 6658, but were dismayed when the panel did not allow any of those invited to speak.

They were supposed to read the lengthy position paper on the flawed provisions of the bill.
Instead, Lakas-Kampi-CMD Rep. Rodolfo Antonino of Nueva Ecija, committee chairman, allowed a few short comments from members of the panel before voting to approve the measure.

Later, when one of the members of ProGUN called a member of the committee and inquired why the bill was bing railroaded, the legislator purportedly told him: “That’s a MalacaƱang-backed bill. The Office of the President made direct contact with the congressmen [not him] to approve that bill.”

Moderators and members of are enraged over these gun policies and are presently coordinating with ProGUN officials and several groups to iron out the planned big protest rallies.

“Politicians who have totalitarian tendencies prefer unarmed citizens.… It is these same politicians who are willing to do anything, by hook or by crook, to get what they want, even if it means sacrificing someone else, in this case, these politicians want to sacrifice our God-given right to bear arms [although this is considered a privilege here in the Philippines] and our safety to further their own ambitions,” commented one of the members.

Earlier, the Association of Firearms and Ammunitions Dealers of the Philippines (Afad), reacting to the recent call of President Arroyo to “look into legislation that can tackle access to firearms and bring their availability under control” while, at the same time, to “look at new, stiffer penalties for anyone using a firearm when committing a crime,” said legislators should distinguish between loose firearms in the hands of criminals and licensed firearms in the hands of peace-loving citizens.

Nereo “Neri” Dionisio, Afad chairman, said a check with the record of the National Police Firearms and Explosives Division will show that only 12 licensed firearms, as against 1,719 unlicensed firearms, were involved in criminal cases last year.

“Further scrutiny into these records should reveal that these 12 cases involve minor infractions of gun laws and not related to murders of journalists and high-profile personalities,” Dionisio said.


How Used Airsoft Guns Can Be Great - Cheap Airsoft Guns

Some groups that offer airsoft guns for sale are ones that will offer various used ones for sale. These are great options to consider among them because of how they can be a fraction of the cost of a new gun. Some concerns should be taken with one of these guns though.

A used gun is a gun that has been handled by a previous owner and was sold again by the user after it was no longer of user to that person. It will have been handled numerous times in the past and will have handled ammo as well. Because of how the gun has been used it will be one that can be offered for sale to a new owner for a price that is much lower than it was when it was first sold.

One of the best things about one of these guns is that many used guns can be cheap that can be as low as half the price of the gun when it was first bought. This can be an especially good deal for larger ones that can be more expensive.

Also, one of these guns can be found through many different retailers that offer them for sale. This includes firearm stores.

There are a few things to watch for with one of these guns. It will be very important to check on the condition of the gun to see that it is still working properly. With the gun having been used many times in the past it will be important to see that the gun can work properly.

The return policy that a store that offers used airsoft guns has is also important. A good policy should be used where if the gun does not work properly the user will be able to get a full refund on the purchase.

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