Airsoft Gun Review: Jing Gong HK 416 V.2

This release from Jing Gong (aka Golden Bow, JG) is modeled after the Heckler and Koch HK416)

Basically, this HK416 is an improvement over the famous American M4/M16 by using a proprietary gas system derived from the HK G36, replacing the direct impingement gas system used by the standard M4/M16. This result is more reliable and less maintenance by the deduction in heat and fouling of the volt and also creating less stress for important components. It was initially made as a drop in kit for existing AR based weapons, though eventually HK made it a standalone. It has a free float for end equipped all four sides with MIL-STD Picatinny rails. It uses HK based front and rear sights, is compatible with STANAG M4/M16 based magazines, as well as most parts made for the AR variants.

First Impressions

The box is a nice box with the picture of the gun and the crest thing that says “Golden Eagle”. The gun was pretty hefty. The front rails are metal and the body/stock is plastic. Upon taking it out of the box, I noticed the rails were loose, which was fixed with a little tape between the bolts that holds it in the fore grip. The gun is pretty front heavy although adding the battery helps the balance. It is mostly made of plastic, but metal parts are abundant. Little pieces of Styrofoam were sticking a bit on the rails from the packaging but it is easily taking off.

External Build

The body is black, but the first edition model with the incorrect angled magwell is in a grey finish. I believe the first runs of even Echo 1 “614”’s will be grey as well. There are seam line between the body it isn’t too noticeable. The paint is also easily chipped off in the metal areas but it is easily taken off.

Metal Parts

Entire fore grip, rails, bolt cover, dust cover, charging handle, front and rear sights, flash hider, bolt release (which the manual says it supposedly holds back and releases the fake bolt cover but it doesn’t ) mag release, front and rear sling mouths, lower trigger guard and trigger.

The HK style grips fits around my hands pretty good, and even better with gloves. My middle finger starts to hurt after awhile and I wish it was made of rubber because the grip is a bit too wide towards the trigger. The bottom plate is heat sink type, with a motor adjustment screw in the middle and two Philips head screw for removal for the plate to access the motor.

The Stock feels cheap and hollow which it is for the space for the batteries. It does not wobble, at least. I suggest purchasing a better quality stock. Why? The batteries are super tight fit, but taking off the plastic piece of the upper part of the stock well help to alleviate the problem. The end piece (battery cover) snaps in to place in two points and it can be pop out of place if hit the wrong way. I may need to mod it or tape it to get stick better. Recently, the butt pad, which is the battery cover has two tabs that clip on the stock, has already broken so the butt pad has to be taped on. An aftermarket stock is a must because of the extremely tight space for the battery and the cheap battery cover/butt pad, which the attachment tabs, break easily.

The Sights are both metal HK style diopter sight adjustable to four points in the rear for target engagement from different size holes. They are made out of metal and the rear is removed with an Allen key. The front sight is fold down by a button you push up and not adjustable. The rear sight is adjustable for windage only.

Performance Characteristics:

After inserting the battery to the stock (which I would recommend you mod it like I did) and inserting a loaded and winded mag, you’re good to go. Don’t forget eye protection. The range and power is amazing. It easily hit 150 feet and a human target at that. The gearbox is a tad hit loud, but proper shimming is a must since the stress on this gun is hi due to the spring.

The gun report is LOUD. It shoots with defeating crack and the report will give away position. Dry firing it by your ear is not recommended because like I said it is loud.

FPS: Doing the poor man’s chrono, 1.5 inch away, it shreds through both sides of the can and punches a through the bottom middle of the can.

The FPS when chronographer is on average is 410 FPS. It ranged from low 400’s to 418 FPS.

The ROF is decent for the powerful spring, but it isn’t high at all. A 9.6v battery with a proper crane stock will help it immensely.

The internals are a Version 2 type. It is accessed by taking pins down and doing the usual TM style disassembly procedure for M16/ M4 type guns. From what I hear it is a Systema cloned gearbox. Removing the rear pin reveals the top half of the gear box. It is painted Black. I was really impressed and I think JG has outdone them this time. The majority of the high price of this gun is because of the upgraded internals of the gearbox not found on the most medium priced guns.



Fantastic Exterior

Nice amount of metal gear

Pretty detailed

Already upgraded gearbox

High FPS

Decent ROF


Wobbly front assembly (easily fixed) paint chips on metal easily Magazine slight wobble, but my A&K mags fit nice and snug. The price ($170-ish compared to other JG M4’s which are $120-ish) Stock is a slight fit on the batteries and low quality, with the battery cover tabs easily breaking off.

(Reviewed by MGS_FOX, USA – Airsoft Xtreme Magazine)

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