Airsoft Philippines Event: First Calacatchara Festival National Airsoft Speedball Competition

Airsoft Philippines Event,Airsoft Guns
Organized By: BRENWIN Co.
In Cooperation With: TEAM TALAHIB (TActical Legion of Airsoft HIgh Brigade) and TEAM TRIAD

October 17-18, 2009
10 Man Team Speedball Airsoft Competition
450fps Limit @ .20g BBs
Registration Fee P5,000.00/ Team

Champion: P30,000.00 + Team Trophy + Individual Medal
1st: P20,000.00 + Team Trophy
2nd: P10,000.00 + Team Trophy
3rd: P5,000.00 + Team Trophy
Other team: Certificate of Participation

Special Awards
Best In Uniform
Friendly Team
Fastest Team (Goal)
Best in Maneuver
Most Discipline Team

LOCATION: BIPC Compound Lumbang Kalsada Calaca, Batangas

Speedball Rules and Regulations
• No chrono, No play!
• 450 FPS limit @ 0.20g
• Hardheads & trash talkers will be penalized
• Real guns & bladed weapons are not allowed inside the playing area
• Players must wear proper protective gear before playing
• No hit calling amongst players
• Marshal’s decision is final
• No coaching amongst hit players
*** other rules and regulation will be discuss on the TEAM LEADERS Meeting ***

Point System
• Player Hit : 5 points
• Capture Flag : 20 points
• Goal finished : 30 points
** Total 100 points **
*** Violation Point Deduction will be discuss on the TEAM LEADERS Meeting ***

For Inquiries Please Call/Text:
0907.200.5500 - Gary (Brenwin Co.)
0919.405.7021 - Matador
0916.212.5031 - Supercop
0916.340.1790 - Kalembong of Team TALAHIB


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