Airsoft News: Man Stabbed By 12-Year-Old is Recovering

WESTLAKE -- Westlake Police say a man stabbed in the chest Friday evening will spend about a week in the hospital but should make a full recovery.

As juvenile charges of felonious assault were filed against the unidentified 12-year-old accused of the attack, the victim was upgraded to stable condition at St. John WestShore Hospital.

"He's improving," said Westlake Police Lt. Ray Arcuri of the victim, who is 40 years old and whose name is not being released. "We're all encouraged."

The man was stabbed after he had chased down and detained the boy who had been firing an AirSoft pistol at other youngsters riding their bikes on a wooded trail near the intersection of Center Ridge Road and Dover Center.

He managed to make his way out of the woods and to the back door of the Rite Aid drugstore on that corner.

The victim was on his way to the Westlake High School Homecoming game with his son when he saw two boys firing the AirSoft guns and felt a couple pellets whiz by his head.

One of the boys ran away when the man approached, but the 12-year-old was stopped. This is how the victim, in his own 911 call to Westlake Police, described what happened.

"He's a young kid. He was shooting an AirSoft gun at the boys down here at the trail," the man said, in the 911 call. "I chased him. I took his gun away."

"He gave the wrong phone number three times, then he just reached in and grabbed a knife and stabbed me right in the heart," the victim said.

The man said he offered his cell phone to the 12-year-old and asked him to call his parents and tell them what he had been up to.

After the third unsuccessful call, the man says the boy suddenly turned on him.

"I'm bleeding pretty bad here, guys," the victim told the 911 dispatcher, who asked if he'd been stabbed in the chest area.

"Yeah, right in the chest," the victim replied.

"Did you see what kind of knife he had?" asked the dispatcher, to which the victim said, "No, he stuck it back in his pocket."

Police say that after the boy ran away, he threw the knife in the woods. Police took him and several searchers back to the area on Saturday but they were not able to find the weapon.

They did seize the boy's AirSoft gun and his bicycle. The second boy who had been with him was not held by police.

Lt. Arcuri says they have no motive for the stabbing.

"Crime is everywhere, violence is everywhere, but for a 12-year-old to go to this extreme measure is highly unusual," he told WKYC.

Arcuri said the two boys with the AirSoft guns may have been taking shots at other youngsters with whom they'd had a prior argument.

Arcuri said the boy, a seventh grader at Westlake Middle School, may have been carrying the knife for "protection."

Source: WKYC

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