Green Gas Airsoft Guns For Air Soft Games

When you look at the most popular options on the market, airsoft gas guns are some of the biggest sellers. And that makes good sense because the guns have plenty of benefits, including being affordable and fairly powerful. As you might imagine, they also need to have their gas containers replaced after you expend a specific number of shots. Most use a gas known as HFC134a, but you could sometimes opt for airsoft green gas instead.

Details of the UHC Green Gas

The best explanation is that green airsoft gas is more powerful than the more traditional type of gas that is used. Usually, the gas is made from propane with silicone included and this combination can provide a boost to many of the guns on the market. Of course, you'll have to pay a little extra for that boost but the cost may be worth the results. One point that is important to remember is that this type of gas is not more environmentally friendly than the other options. Some consumers make that mistake because of the "green" in its name.

Advantages of the Airsoft Gas Guns

HFC22, as this green type of gas is sometimes called, will give you more excitement for your investment. The biggest advantage, of course, is that this extra power is going to be a great asset to you on the Airsoft field.

Of course, you'll have some other advantages as well. One of the weaknesses of the gas gun models in general is that they can't perform as well in very cold conditions. That's because the traditional gas used in most of the models just can't stand up to that type of weather. As a result, you could be in the middle of a match or of target practice then have your gas pistol just stop working as it should. That's not going to be a problem if you're using the HFC22. However, you do have to be worried about the opposite problem: the green variety of gas can't withstand high temperatures. In some climates, therefore, you might need to use both types and switch between seasons.

Air soft Guns Green Gas Issues

Of course, you don't want to start purchasing airsoft green gas until you know a few other facts. First, you can't use this product with every type of airsoft gas gun on the market. The Japanese models, in particular, just were not designed for this stronger gas. You really need to stick with the HFC134a variety with them. Otherwise, you could do some major damage to the equipment. The best way to find out if it's safe or not is to read your instruction manual or to ask a knowledgeable customer service representative.

Now there are some airsoft firearms on the market that were actually created for use with airsoft green gas. If you really want to use this product, those are going to be a good choice, although they usually do cost more than your average airsoft gas guns. Remember that they can still be damaged if you use them and this type of gas in very hot conditions. You may still need to switch back and forth between the two types to meet the needs of your climate.

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