Airsoft Sniper Rifle Vs Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifles

It seems that many people have trouble deciding whether they want to buy a single shot bolt action airsoft sniper rifle, or an electric (AEG) semi/fully automatic airsoft rifle, such as the popular airsoft M4 Rifle. This sometimes can be a tough decision to make, but it usually boils down to this: what type of airsoft scenarios will you be using the gun for, for the most part? Of course, there is also the price to consider, but generally speaking, the cost of a good airsoft sniper rifle is usually about the same as the cost of a good airsoft M4 rifle, so this really shouldn't be much of a factor.

For those who mostly compete in QCB (close quarters battle) airsoft games, then the choice is simple: get yourself a good airsoft M4 rifle (or similar - such as an airsoft M16 or an airsoft AK-47 rifle). The reason for this is because you will need the airsoft rifle to be capable of firing in fully automatic mode, which NO true airsoft sniper rifle can do. Fully automatic airsoft rifles are without a doubt, the king of close quarters battles. Also, another plus to an automatic electric airsoft rifle is the fact that not only is it a fully automatic weapon, it can also be used in semi automatic mode as well, which makes it fairly good for sniping people from a fair distance away (you definitely wont get the range of a true airsoft sniper rifle though).

As far as those who like to use the art of stealth, and that like playing the sniper role (we are talking non-cqb airsoft scenarios here), then the choice is also very simple: buy yourself a true airsoft sniper rifle. The main reason that you will want a true sniper rifle airsoft gun is because of the fact that they shoot much further than any automatic electric AEG airsoft rifle, and they are more accurate as well. Also, another thing to consider is the fact that airsoft sniper rifles are way more quiet than automatic electric airsoft rifles.

When deciding on which airsoft sniper rifle to buy, keep in mind that you will want one that is high velocity, and that comes with a decent scope. Another option that you may want to consider is getting a tri-pod for your airsoft sniper rifle, but that isn't as importing as having a good scope on it. Lastly, you may want to also purchase a sling for your sniper rifle, as this can really make carrying the gun alot easier, and will save your arms from getting tired when carrying the gun around.

Hopefully this information will help those who are debating whether they want a single shot bolt action (true) airsoft sniper rifle, or an automatic electric (AEG) airsoft Rifle, such as the extremely popular airsoft M4 machine gun. But regardless of what type of gun you choose to go with, I would highly recommend that you at least get one that is of medium quality (IE: not made completely out of plastic), and that has good velocity and accuracy.

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