Airsoft Press Release: Toy Gun Rambo - One Man, Many Millions

ARCADIA, Calif., Sept. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Today Airsoft is well known, but ten years ago it was a niche sport. This in large part can be attributed to one man: CEO Kent Wu of His story is an example of what happens when you combine a passion for a sport with an unyielding and sharp business sense.

Airsoft guns are different from air guns, rifles, and pellet guns, in that they use 6mm plastic bb's that weigh far less than metal pellets or sabots, and are safe to use. They're great for police training, military simulation, and play. Ten years ago, Airsoft had a small US presence because they were expensive to produce and ship from Asia. Kent was an avid player of the sport, but was unsatisfied with buying them. Usually ordering something meant paying a hefty shipping fee for freight from Asia, and waiting months to receive the order. On top of that there was always the issue of potentially having the entire shipment confiscated by US Customs. Not that Airsoft guns are illegal, but sometimes over zealous CBP agents would be unclear on the regulations and seize it.

Fresh out of college, Kent saw an opportunity. He took his $5,000 in savings, rented a 200 sq foot office space and started, one of the first ever US based distributors for Airsoft. Working from a one man operation (sales, distribution, and order processing), the company quickly outgrew its initial confines to its current headquarters in Arcadia. Now it's grown into the largest Airsoft retailer this side of the Pacific. Kent and his company essentially paved the way for this sport's popularity in the United States. His company is the only US based retailer to deal directly with manufacturers, getting the best prices which turn into savings for customers.

Just looking at the public reports, Airsplat has steadily grown to a staff of 35 and pulled in $14.6 million in revenue last year, according to the INC. 500/5000 listing. Kent is no stranger to awards either, as this is his second year in this lineup, and amongst others he has received ( He's regularly on the lookout to expand his company's presence in the marketplace. Airsplat has donated to Airsoft charity events, sponsored Airsoft teams, and has created a new online video review series –Airsplat On Demand - where experts give reviews and technical insight to Airsplat products. Airsplat's unique marketing methods and business practices have created a loyal and lasting customer base.


Airsplat Inc. is the leading online-only Airsoft retailer in the United States. It was founded in 2000 and has become a respected and established brand within the Airsoft world. They provide the latest and cutting edge Airsoft and paintball products in the market. Their website, has in depth information resources, detailed product reviews, and an award-winning customer service department. Airsplat Inc. is based in Arcadia, California.


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