Airsoft New Arrival: Echo1USA Stag Arms M8A3 - Redesigned

Echo 1 revealed the details of their redesigned Stag Arms M8A3...

Stag Arms M8A3

Just arrived, The completely redesigned Echo1USA Stag Arms M8A3 now features a Crane stock and an 8mm Bearing Gearbox.

Key features include a free floating monolithic style RAS, back up iron sights, and a threaded outer barrel. (Echo 1)
See this videos for more of an Echo1USA Stag Arms M8A3:

Continue reading for other details about Echo1USA Stag Arms M8A3:

The STAG-15 series from ECHO 1 more accurately represents the modern AR type rifle with updated matte black finished receivers which replaced the grey receivers of the older AR rifles. Each receiver is engraved with fully licensed trademarks from STAG ARMS which dramatically heightens the rifles realistic appearance. STAG ARMS manufacturers the real 5.56mm cal. rifle and is one of the largest manufacturers of AR type rifles in the United States today.

The M8A3 features a full metal CNC machined RAS with free floating barrel. Its receiver is very similar to those found on the other STAG-15 series rifles with the exception of the selector designators which are reminiscent of those found on H&K rifles. It also has flip up iron sights with the rear sight featuring a dual aperture peep sight which is adjustable for windage. Both sights can easily be removed if needed for a clear scope picture. The stock is a traditional LE style which is collapsible in six positions to best fit the shooter. The M8A3 will accept M4/M16 series AEG magazines so you will have no problem swapping magazines with your teammates M4 rifles.

Inside of the M8A3 is a full metal Version 2 gearbox fitted with a high performance spring, ported piston head, steel gears, metal spring guide and metal bushings. This produces a sizzling 415 fps at the muzzle making it possible to easily engage targets at over 60 yards when used with .28g BBs.

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