Classic Army AEG, What About It?

I tried researching the details behind this airsoft manufacturer, the Classic Army Airsoft Gun, they say...the world leading brand in Airsoft. and here's what I found from wikipedia...

Classic Army AEG

Classic Army AEG

Classic Army (Yick Fung International) is a manufacturer of airsoft replicas. The headquarters for this A.E.G. manufacturer is in Hong Kong. They produce automatic electric guns or AEGs. Designed to resemble real firearms, these replicas fire 6mm plastic BBs at safe velocities. Within the airsoft community, Classic Army is often abbreviated as simply "CA."
Compared with other airsoft manufacturers, Classic Army AEG's are characterized by their many metal parts or, "Full Metal" meaning that each part that is metal on the real firearm is reproduced in metal on the replica, although it is not the same as the metal parts of a real firearm and will not enable use or operation as a real firearm. These metal components usually include the frame and body, as well as the firing mechanism (called a "gearbox"). Replicas also feature pre-upgraded internals such as metal bushings and polycarbonate pistons.
As with most AEGs, Classic Army replicas use rechargeable batteries (either NiMH or NiCd). In an un-modified condition they can be expected to fire 0.2 g BBs at approximately 280-340 feet per second (FPS).
These are the AEG products they have (Classic Army AEG replicas are available in the following models):
* Heckler and Koch G3 based
* Heckler and Koch HK33 based
* Heckler and Koch G36 based
* Heckler and Koch SL8 based CA8-2 Rifle
Heckler and Koch MP5 based (all with B&T Markings)
Steyr AUG based
AK-74 based
* M249 SAW based
* SR-25 based CA-25
* M14 based
* M16/AR-15 based (all with Armalite markings)
* M4 carbine based (all with Armalite markings)
FN SCAR based
* AR-10 based
* FN FAL based (DS Arms SA58)
* Ak-47 based
* P90 based
* Heckler and Koch HK416 based
UMP based
* Dragonov SVD (rifle) based
LWRC based
Classic Army has also released a new series, "Sportline", which forgo the metal bodies of CA's more mainstream AEG's, now known as the "Proline" series. These guns come with a plastic body, and the other standard equipment included with MPEGs. This new line is designed to compete with the new MPEG guns coming from Chinese manufacturers, such as Jing Gong, Dboys, CYMA, Kart, and A&K. The Sportline Series includes CA 416 series (based on Heckler & Koch HK416), CA 90 series (based on P90), AUG (based on Steyr AUG), M15 Series (based on M16 and M4 carbine), MP5 series (based on Heckler & Koch MP5) and SA M7 series (based on Ak-47). Even more recently, Classic Army has released metal-bodied sportline models. They have similar bodies to the "proline" models, however the trademarks are of a lesser quality.
Aside from AEG Crassic Army also have SPRING and GAS Airsoft Type.
For their official website. Click HERE

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