Airsoft Gun Review: Socom Gear Barret M82A1 The King of Sniper Rifles Full Metal

This SOCOM Gear has created the most spectacular M82A1 to date with official licensing from Barrett Rifles. Whilst the real steel .50cal M82A1 weighs in at a hefty 12.9kg (when empty), the SOCOM Gear though still a heavyweight comes in at a total weight of 10kg (Just the gun itself).

The SOCOM Gear M82A1 has been installed with a Mad Bull Black Python 650mm Tight Bore Barrel, and a One Piece Standard M4/M16 Hop-Up Unit for accuracy. Coupled with a high torque motor powering a 7mm bearing gearbox to produce the smoothest firing solution.

Socom Gear Barret M82A1,Airsoft Gun Review

The SOCOM Gear M82A1 features a reinforced steel body with a Heavy Duty aluminum outer barrel and muzzle brake all done up in a super flat matte finish. A movable charging handle together with a dummy bolt cover adds to the overall effect of the M82A1, even better is the full length numbered top rail and authentic licensed Barrett Rifles engravings on the true 1:1 scaled external parts, magazine, Bipod, upper body and barrel. Due to legal reasons however, the SOCOM Gear M82A1's internal dimensions and lower body parts are Not to 1:1 Scale to comply with regulations.

The SOCOM Gear M82A1 comes with:
  • Mad Bull Black Python 650mm Tight Bore Barrel
  • Ver. 2 7mm Reinforced Gearbox (Easy upgrade!!!)
  • High Torque Motor
  • Licensed By Barrett Rifles
  • Authentic Engraving
  • Reinforced Steel Body
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Outer Barrel and Muzzle Brake
  • Super Flat Matte Finish
  • One Piece Standard M4/M16 Hop-Up Unit
  • Standard M4/M16 Version 2 Gearbox
  • Realistic Charging Handle Action
  • Dummy Bolt Cover
  • Full Length Numbered Top Rail

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