Airsoft Gun Review: Jing Gong Produces the Best MK36 (G608) For The Money!

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Jing Gong MK36 G608,Airsoft Gun Reviews,Jing Gong Airsoft Guns

Jing Gong Airsoft (JG), a Chinese Airsoft Manufacturer, has been producing some very impressive Airsoft Guns lately. Mostly TM and CA Clones, Jing Gong has raised the bar on producing the sub-$200 airsfot gun, with some models coming in right around the $100 range. The Jing Gong MK36 (G608) is no exception to this line of quality airsoft gun. Priced under $120, this Airsoft gun is worth every dime.

When you first observe the gun you'll notice there is nothing flashy about the packaging, which is typical of the Jing Gong airsoft gun product line. Once you open the ordinary black box you'll realize there is nothing boring about this gun. The Jing Gong G608 is a great clone of both the TM and CA MK36, MX, & SR36 airsoft rifles. Jing Gong insists you can use any TM, SRC, or CA part on this AEG, but we recommend reviewing the various on-line forum posts. We have confirmed that the TM, SRC, and CA airsoft magazines will work in this gun.

The package comes with everything you need to get started: 8.4v 1100maH mini-battery, wall charger, Hi-Cap magazine, a starter supply of BBs, a manual, and a clearing rod. The gun itself weighs in at 6lbs 1oz (Gun, battery, and empty magazine), and is very well-balanced. It is built out of heavy-duty Nylon ABS plastic and has a solid folding stock for CQB situations. The overall body design is tight, with minimal seams, and no wobble. Metal parts include: flash hider, iron sights, selector switch, and charging handle. The battery fits into the foregrip, which is easily removed by pulling out a single metal pin and sliding forward. The foregrip space is pretty tight so you might be limited to a 1400mah battery without the use of an external PEQ box.. We only tested with the included battery. The weapon sports a top and bottom weaver rail for mounting your favorite airsoft gear. Over all, the build, durability and design are pretty close to the higher end TM, SRC, and CA MK36, MX36, and SR36 Airsoft electric guns.

The Jing Gong MK36 G608 comes with a 470-round high-capacity wind-up type airsoft magazine. It's constructed of solid ABS plastic and has the stackable pegs on both sides so you can clip another magazine to it. This is great for quick magazine changes in the heat of battle. The airsoft magazine that comes with this AEG is TM compatible.

The MK36 G608 comes with an adjustable hop-up. The hop-up is set by pulling back the charging handle to expose the hop-up wheel. The hop-up dial has a solid, yet smooth feel to it. From what we've observed the hop-up stays set and is not prone to going out of adjustment due to vibration, use, etc.

On this model Jing Gong uses metal gears and metal bushings (earlier models had plastic bushings). Additional internals include a plastic spring guide and a plastic, vented piston head (for a better O-ring seal). The result is consistent FPS (see G608 performance testing below). The rest of the internals are identical to the TM MK36 and SRC SR36 model. The wiring is 16 gauge.

(Note: all of our performance testing was done with TSD .2g BBs) - The Jing Gong MK36 is louder than most, but we prefer that because it tends to intimidate on the skirmish field. We ran this gun through the Guarder 2000 Chrono. How did it do? FPS ranged from 350 to 365 feet per second (FPS), and rate of fire was around 900 rounds per minute. Accuracy is decent out to about 125 feet, and the hop up holds a flat trajectory when set properly. We were easily able to hit a soda can at 125-150 feet. Use of .23g or .25g BBs may increase the accuracy of this airsoft gun. We shot four full magazines through the G608, varying the Semi and Full-Auto setting. We only had one gearbox lock up, which was easily remedied by putting the gun on full-Auto and firing off a few rounds to line the gears back up. Overall handling is a dream. It's no wonder the Airsoft MK36 design is enjoying so much popularity these days. We can't wait to take it out on the skirmish field!

Jing Gong MK36 G608 MIL SPECS:
* Length open: 28 inches
* Length folded: 19 inches
* Height (handgrip to top of sight): 9 inches
* Weight (battery and empty mag installed): 6lbs 1oz
* FPS: approx 350 FPS
* Rate of Fire: Approx 900 rounds per minute
* Metal Gear Box
* Heavy Nylon ABS plastic body
* Metal Parts: Flash hider, Sights, selector switch, sling ring, and charging handle
* Adjustable hop-up
* 8.4v 1100 maH Mini Battery
* 400+ round hi-cap wind-up magazine
* Wall charger, Clearing rod, manual, and BBs included

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