Airsoft Competition: Join Pagcor Cup 2009 Parañaque Speedball

PAGCOR CUP 2009 Parañaque
At PAGCOR Parañaque, PIRC Bldg NAIA road,
Parañaque City , October 24-25,2009

* Eliminate all!
* Take the flag, cross to the opponent‘s base.

* 10 man team, 2 reserves (optional)
* 1 member will be assigned as MEDIC

Rule of a MEDIC:
* Medic can revive a teammate, by giving the first aid flag to the injured teammate. Teammate must stay on the area where he or she got hit.
* Medic carries three (3) first aid flags only.
* Used First aid flag can not be applied to another player
* If MEDIC is hit, he or she can not be revived.

* All opponents are eliminated (flag must be crossed to get 20pts.)
* The Team who crossed the flag wins.
** a player got hit while in the process of securing the flag, the flag must stay where the player got killed.
* When 5 minutes game time lapse. Team with the most number of points… wins.

Point System method:
* 5 points: First team captured the flag
* 20 points: The Team that successfully crossed the flag
* 10 points: per player hit

Perfect score: 125 points

* 5 minutes game time.
* Start of a game will be a MAG OUT rule, only magazines will be carried out from the starting line.
* Direct hit only will be called.
* No Reset of a game, False start may disqualify a team.
* A player got hit while in the process of securing the flag, the flag must stay where the player got killed.
* All hit players must raise their weapons high above their heads. And immediately proceed to the dead man zone.
* Friendly hit is considered as legitimate hit.
* Unruly players will be immediately ejected from the game and/or from the duration of the tournament (Head Marshal and the committee will rule the final decision).
* Players can not return to their base or use the base as cover

* Team leaders will draw lots for group assignments
* Win over the other will be applied in case on tie
* Top 2 teams will advance to the 2nd day for the quarter finals
* Top teams of the quarter finals will advance to the semis

BASIS FOR EJECTION or REJECTION (game or tournament):
1. No trash talking
2. No blind-firing
3. No hit calling
4. No shooting of marshals
5. No out of bounds
6. Weapons exceeding 450 fps
7. Inflicting bodily harm
8. Hit players couching during the game
9. Bringing a deadly weapon/s
10. Firing outside the game area
11. Refusal to leave from game area after hit is called by a marshal
12. Insulting and using abusive words against another player.
13. Hit players must bring their weapons outside the game area.
14. No passing of weapons and ammunition/magazines from HIT players.
15. All Teams will be given 2 minutes to avoid default.
16. No short pants. short sleeves t-shirt
17. No white T-shirts, sandals or slippers.
18. Full face mask are encouraged. Mesh mask must be supported by any eye protection inside the mask. *Example... Goggles, Sunglasses, prescribe eyewear, etc…
19. All Players must wear a protective vest
20. Only Solar sports and official photographers are allowed to take videos/photos inside the game area.

* All airsoft guns will be check by Officials of AEG only.
* Only HOUSE MAG will be use for chrono, ICS .2 bbs will be applied.
* All airsoft guns passed the 450fps limit will be marked and will be deposited to the ARMORY(for fair game)… All guns will be secured by the AEGs and the assigned PAGCOR Security Guards.

No guns will leave the armory unless:
*owner will be on deck for the match
*owner is already out of/from the tournament
*If owner will retrieve his/her gun for repair, the marker will be removed and the same gun will be subject for testing/chrono again.
* Exposed batteries will not be allowed
* Weapons must have a single shot mode. For accurate testing
* Test firing will only be allowed in assigned areas.
* No limit of BBs
* No electric type magazines.
* Pointed tip guns will be disallowed.


* Deadline of registration and payment will be on Oct 15, 2009
* Reservations of slots can be arranged by having a Php2,000 (reservation fee is non-refundable) be deposited at the following bank account:
Philippine National Bank: #220-611359-9
Jose C. Bautista
Branch: Ermita
Banco de Oro : #6470041077
Julienne Nicole Salvador
Branch: Moonwalk Parañaque

**pls email or text the transaction number, name and team’s name to / 0915-543-7939

1st day (Elimination round)

7:00-8:30am………. Registration and chrono (distribution of souvenirs)
8:30-9:00am……….Team Leaders’ briefing
9:00-onwards………Elimination round
12noon Lunch time. (All participants will get free Lunch)

2nd day(Quarter finals/Semi-finals & Finals)

10:30am-4:00pm…Game proper…
5:00pm-onwards… Awarding and fellowship night
Live Band!
A&G sexy dance group
Lots and lots of raffle prizes!!!!
12noon Lunch time. (All qualified participants will get free Lunch)

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