Great Tactics in Airsoft SWAT

Play the Smart SWAT in air soft. Not very many air soft players how importance stealth is when returning from an air soft ware mission. There is nothing like a safe zone in air soft. The situation of the game is a hostile one, and should be treated as such. If you are a sniper, the best shot is taken when the enemy units are returning to their home base. This is two way things anyway. You don't want to be an easy target on your way home, but you want to shoot the patrols as they return.

  • How about buying a powerful air soft suit set. It may take a while to make, but you'll like it.
  • Watch your step when in the field. Avoid stepping on dry leaves or twigs. They may break, making some indicting noise! Instead, use the packed dirt or large rocks.
  • You are not in a pageant, so don't be afraid of getting soiled. Crouch on a leaved low hanging branch or lay on your belly under a bush or with lots of leaves. Let your gun be poked out of the bush.
  • You need some extra magazines. Also, get a holster for your pistol.
  • How about a spotter in the battle? He will help you in the firefight, but most importantly in spotting possible targets.
  • Use gloves to protect yourself from knuckle-shots.
  • Observe, calculate and shoot. These are the key sniping skills.
  • Know the enemy's tactics, it'll help you learn how to counter it. Read stuffs about air soft sniping tactic, and use the information there to counter it in the real world. You can actually learn as much or even more from an enemy than you can from a friend.
  • You need a good cover and an escape route. It is a good characteristic for a sniper never to gets spotted, but it's better to know how not to get caught.


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