Airsoft Tactics for Individuals

Considering the realism involved in airsoft, it's no surprise that airsoft tactics are much like the tactics one would use in a real battlefield. After all, the objective is about the same - protect yourself from enemy airsoft fire while flushing out and eliminating your opponents. Many airsoft tactics are common sense and follow basic combat skills taught by the military. Let's take a look at some easy to use airsoft tactics:

A good airsoft tactic for an obstacle (like a fence or a barrier) is never look over it; look around it. Looking over it exposes more of your body to your opponent, and they are probably expecting you to look over the object. By looking around it, you keep yourself compact and out of sight. The less of your body you expose, the less of a target you present.

Stay Down!
Another common airsoft tactic is to keep yourself on the ground as low as possible. While this seems easy enough, players often get caught up in the adrenalin of the game and start running, which makes them an easy target. Consider that when you are upright you present the biggest, easiest target. Make sure you keep your airsoft gun out of the water or mud when low to the ground.

3-5 Second Buddy Rushes
When assaulting an airsoft objective with a teammate, use the buddy rush method. You may need to practice this a few times before the skirmish to get it right. You and your teammate alternate rushes for 3-5 seconds towards the target, while one of you puts suppressive fire on the objective. Utilize cover and concealment along the attack route, ensuring your rush ends at a spot that will protect you from enemy fire (a tree, log, rock, etc). Use hand signals to indicate when you are ready to move or lay down suppressive fire. Your stream of airsoft ammo will keep you opponent down while your buddy moves forward.

Fool your opponent
If an airsoft player continues to shoot at an enemy, it usually means that they have a good angle on their target. If someone is shooting at you continuously, you need to change position as soon as possible. However, if you have a good position on your opponent, you may want to consider hesitating with your shots, making them think that they're safe. This can draw them out in the open making them an easy target. This is a time tested airsoft tactic

Quick Glances
When you're on the airsoft skirmish field, take quick peeks rather than long gazes, even if you don't see anything or anyone. The goal should always be to minimize your exposure as an airsoft target. Remember that your opponents are practicing their airsoft tactics too, which may mean they're just being patient, waiting for you to expose yourself long enough for them to get off a shot.

While these airsoft tactics employ basic and good common sense, they can easily be forgotten when you have your mind on your objective and forget to exercise patience on the field. If you remember that the game is just as mental as it is physical, you'll be a much better player. Keep these Airsoft tactics fresh in you mind and you'll have the advantage.

Source: OnTarget Airsoft

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