Local News: Airsoft Gun Attack

Guy With Air Guns Pulls Prank, Goes to Jail

Lots of charges have piled up for a La Crosse guy after his Halloween pranking went way too far. Cops say 23 year-old Jordan Seielstad was lurking about his southside neighborhood dressed in black on Saturday night. Apparently tried to rob a couple of kids of their Halloween candy by pointing an AirSoft gun at them. Then pistol whipped another kid and tore a chunk of his lip off before chasing them around town in his car. Cops say they found Seielstad hiding twenty feet up in a tree. He says he was just trying to scare the kids and told them, "Happy Halloween" to let them know all of it was just in fun.

Source: Mitch (November 02, 2009)

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  1. Pointing anAirSoft Gun to the kids or to the mature is the same harassment and more further those kids is capable of traumatize that guy must face the consequence and their must a minor charge upon him.
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