Tokyo Marui Automatic Electric Guns

TM? Trade Mark. No! It's Tokyo Marui. Read this information from wikipedia to know more about this... I rather say highly recommended brand when it comes to quality and precision of the airsoft gun.

Tokyo Marui was the first company to produce airsoft guns powered solely by electric-motor driven air compressors. This compact air compressing system, in which Tokyo Marui dubbed "Automatic Electric Gun" (AEG) in the year 1992, was implemented in their first battery powered automatic firing replica, the FAMAS F1. Tokyo Marui's original design ushered in a new era of airsoft guns. Instead of using external air systems to power airsoft replicas (see Classic airsoft), the Tokyo Marui AEG concept pioneered the use of self-providing electric powered air power. Their groundbreaking AEG system is still in wide use today, and it has been copied numerous times through the years by many other airsoft gun manufacturers.[citation needed]

Tokyo Marui's airsoft replicas are made primarily from ABS plastic bodies, but also feature some metal parts, usually where needed. Some of their more recent models, however, such as their Type 89 rifle and AK-74M have featured full metal externals. The internal gearboxes of these guns are primarily powered by rechargeable batteries. A standard, unmodified Tokyo Marui gearbox will fire 0.2g BBs at around 240 to 300 feet per second (around 0.8-0.9J) depending on the model. These gearboxes may be modified for higher performance by the installation of aftermarket parts, but Japanese law limits their power to 0.98J.

Tokyo Marui makes the following AEGs:
* M14 series
o M14 (fiber-type stock)
o M14 (wood-type stock)
* M16 & M4 series
o Colt M4A1 carbine New-type
o M4 S-System
o Colt M16A1
o Colt M16A1 Vietnam version
o Colt M16A2
o Colt M733 Commando
o Colt M4A1 R.I.S.
o Knight's M4 SR-16
o Colt M4A1
o Colt XM177E2 (discontinued)
o Colt CAR-15 (discontinued)
o Colt M653 Barnes[4] version (limited edition)
* MP5 and G36 series
o H&K G36C
o MP5-J
o MP5-K
o H&K MP5SD5
o H&K MP5SD6
o H&K MP5A4 High Grade
o H&K MP5A5 High Grade
o H&K MP5 R.A.S. [5]
o H&K MP5KA4
o H&K MP5 Navy (Limited Edition)
* P90 series
o P90
o P90 Triple Rail
* FAMAS & Steyr series
o Steyr AUG Special Receiver
o Steyr AUG Military-type (discontinued)
o FA-MAS Special Version
o FA-MAS 5.56-F1 (First AEG ever made)
* SIG series
o SIG SG 550 (discontinued, due to burst fire microchip malfunctions)
o SIG SG 551 (discontinued, due to burst fire microchip malfunctions)
o SIG SG 552-2
* AK series
o AK-47
o AK-47S
o AK-47 Spetsnaz (limited edition)
o AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz
o AK-74MN (Electric Blow Back)
o AKS-74U (Electric Blow Back)
* G3 series
o H&K G3A3 (discontinued)
o H&K G3A4 (discontinued)
o H&K MC51
o H&K G3 SAS
o H&K PSG-1
o H&K G3/SG1
o HK51 (limited edition)
* Howa Type 89 series
o Howa Type 89
o Howa Type 89-F
* Other
o Vz. 61 Scorpion
o Heckler & Koch MP7A1
o Uzi submachine gun
o Thompson M1A1

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