Clark Travel Leisure Opens Shooting Range for Airsoft Guns in Clearwater Resort Clark Philippines

BB guns or air soft guns are popular for all members of family. Spacious Brunello Gardens in Clearwater Resort Clark Philippines makes for nice arena for shooting range and air soft war games.

Manila, Philippines, October 21, 2009 --( Yats Clearwater Resort & Country Club is a 13ha property located in the central business district of Clark Freeport Pampanga Philippines. Its location does not prevent it from being one of the most serene and idyllic resort in the vicinity.

Aside from a 10-slot shooting range, the adjacent 2ha Brunello Garden is quite conducive to games and events involving air-soft guns because of the large Acacia trees and a hill in the backdrop plus a lazy river too. Clearwater Resort & Country Club also rent out a few selections of mean-looking air-soft guns including M16, AK45 and a few other favorites.

The 1-ha outdoor living area is blessed with a lot of decades-old Acacia trees providing much-needed shading during the day. The 3ha fresh-water lake provides natural ventilation and cooling of the entire property not to mention facilities for water sports like kayaking, fishing and boating. This is a good rendition of the lifestyle that the Americans left behind after they left the Clark Airbase. A good short description of this lifestyle is suburban laid-back slow-paced clean living.

Clearwater Resort & Country Club provides camping space for up to 500 tents. You have to bring and pitch your own tents. Special arrangements and approvals need to be obtained if food and beverage have to be brought in. Otherwise advanced reservation can be made for cookout and BBQ with the resort’s sister company Yats Restaurant.

YATS Leisure Philippines, a developer and operator of clubs, resorts and high-class restaurants and wine outlets in Clark Angeles Philippines has announced a special full-board package for YATS resort hotel in Clark Philippines called Clearwater Resort and Country Club, just 5 minutes from Angeles City.

Getting there is quite simple: after entering Clark Freeport from Dau and Angeles City, proceed straight along the main highway MA Roxas, passing the stand-along wine shop called Clark Wine Center on your right, continue to bear right making no turns at all, go past Mimosa Leisure Estate on the opposite side of the road, you will hit a major intersection. Go straight and the road becomes Creekside Road. YATS Clearwater Resort and Country Club is on your right just 200m down.


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