Airsoft Tactics

If you are seriously interested in playing a good game of Airsoft, then there are some tactics that you need to know about. Some of these tactics are very basic things that every player should know. They include:

  1. Cover fire involves sending a hail of bbs in the general direction of your enemy so that your teammates can move. This usually works quite well.
  2. Make sure that you communicate with your other teammates. This is an essential part of the game and can be done via radio transmissions (the best way to communicate), hand signals or verbal dialog. Herein lies your opportunity to ensure that everyone knows about enemy positions, remaining enemies, eliminated enemies and any other valuable information.
  3. You need to be very patient whenever you play this game. This way you are able to learn everything that there is to know about your friends and foes, as well as everything else that you can conceivably be aware of, such as wind, smell, noise and shapes. All of this can either kill you or keep you alive.
  4. It is important that you keep moving. Staying in one spot, regardless of how good the cover is, will cause you to be flanked and shot. Speaking of which, whenever you have a good shot, take your time and make it count since good shots do not come along too often. You may have to seek out such a shot. This is another reason why you need to keep moving: to create the perfect situation. Whenever you are moving, make sure that you are not predictable though.
  5. Whenever you are on patrol you need to make sure that you pay attention to the littlest of details. These are the things that can easily give away your enemies' details. For instance, if you see an animal running away from somewhere, then more than likely someone frightened it and thus you should be on your guard. Of course, you do not want to over-interpret various natural signs but if you do happen to see something that blatantly signifies the presence of an enemy, then you should definitely be on the lookout.
  6. If it is possible, you should always watch your enemies' head whenever you are engaging in a fire-fight. More than likely he will give away his movement so that you will be able to tell where the next place that he will take cover is. This is done by the looks that he keeps giving in that general direction. Once you pick up on this, proceed to aim there, then when he gets there you can shoot him in the shoulder quite easily.

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