Airsoft Wargames - An Alternative Sport

Have you ever thought that your sports hobbies like baseball, basketball, or football are too common? Why don't you try something new? If you're a type of person that seeks a pure adrenaline rush, mind blowing suspense action, strategy, and tactics, Airsoft is right for you!

Airsoft is a game where you use Guns, not the real ones, but the Airsoft Gun that is powered by compressed air, manual spring or bolt action, or electrically powered gearbox. They are replicas of the real fire arms like the M16 Armalite, AK47, and PSG 1 sniper, but even they are replicas, they feels like real! Especially those of full metal types where the body of the Gun is mostly made of metal. In the game, you play as a team in a particular battlefield, the goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing players by hitting them by your gun with plastic pellets (commonly called BB's) usually at .20 grams measuring 6mm in diameter, yes! It's plastic because metallic ones can cause severe injury when it hits a person. Airsoft players can organize meetings and game in specialized battlefields adapted to feature bunkers, walls, providing realistic battle scenarios. When in combat in the field, it often involves common military tactics, applying appropriate strategy with the aid of useful battle gears. Back in 1970's, Airsoft started in Japan, they started to manufacture non- lethal gun replicas that fires calibers of plastic or rubber BB's. It was at first all spring powered but improved into gas- powered ones.

How you play the game usually employs an "Honor System" where the players rely on each other's honesty admitting if self is hit. The indication of being hit is when a player truly feels the impact of the velocity from the BB that is fired by another opposing player, in some cases there are friendly fire, meaning your team mate accidentally hits you, but it is not counted or considered a "Hit" to make you out of the game. The thrill of Airsoft is supported by Military simulations or "Mil-sims." It is actually a mind blowing situation where it depicts the real military fights including reduced amount of ammunition or BB's to re-enact the real Gun's low capacity magazines ranging from only 20 rounds to a maximum of 100 rounds. One example is the M4 and M16 series which only have 30 rounds. There is also a mission here and it can last up to days unlike the ordinary skirmishes that the only goal is to eliminate all opposing players lasting for less than an hour. Missions are supplied by explosives, pyrotechnics, Communication devices like radios, and BB's.

Here are tips for you to get started:

First you have to decide which Type of Airsoft gun to use. These types are AEG's or Airsoft Electric Guns that are battery operated, Blowbacks - Gas powered, and Bolt action that are spring powered. Go to an Airsoft shop and you'll see lots of Airsoft guns to choose from and the store keeper is the right person to consult. Spring types needed to be cocked, it seems to be a hassle but this is very powerful, it is often seen in sniper rifles. Gas powered (Blowbacks) are also powerful but it is very costly for you need to buy Gases, and the durability of the Airsoft gun is at stake. For battery operated, I prefer this one better than the others I mentioned because of practicality reasons. First is because of cheap maintenance in which you will no need to buy Green gas or CO2 bottles to power those blowbacks (Gas powers). Second is that it has a fully automatic mode in which spring types cannot do. I recommend examples of Guns for you to search for are the M4 series, AK47 series, Sniper rifles Bar10 or L96, and Steyr Aug. I've recommended this the best Airsoft guns for all purpose situations based on my experience being a Pro Airsoft player. In the usual markets, it is common to have different brands of these Airsoft guns. These are Jing Gong {JG), Tokyo Marui, Desert eagle, D-boys, AGM, A&K, and Cyma. I recommend using JG's because of its affordability or cheapness, fire power, stability, and durability. A usual JG quality lasts for about 100+ battles before you can see a slight damage in its function or externals, unlike other brands that only last for 20+ battles and you can see lots of quality downfalls.

For ammunition you will use lots of .20g plastic BB's, for this weight is the standard weight used in competitions.

When you finally decided for which gun to buy, you need battle gear for protection. As being hit by an Airsoft gun without protection can hurt you badly. The primary protection you need is for your eyes, you'll need goggles. Second is a face mask to cover your face, a pair of gloves, a helmet, battle outfit like camouflage, Tactical vest, Knee pads, elbow pads, and finally a pair of combat boots.

Now that you're ready to rumble, you need to find a place where Airsoft battles are offered. In here you can join a team, don't forget to be friendly for here in Airsoft, camaraderie and, brotherhood and friendships are being made.

At your first battle it is common to feel nervousness, it's very normal and as you join more battles you will get used to it and finally enjoy it! I hope you find this article interesting and useful regarding the Airsoft hobby. Good luck and enjoy the thrill of the fight.


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